Friday, November 28, 2008

Me Can Investigate Too Mom. Mom! Mom! Look! Mom!

There is definitely something I love about Austin. Austin is a big enough city that the local news feels the need to investigate things but it isn't a big enough city for there to be interesting or exciting things to investigate. So this is what we get to hear on the radio. Read the following in one of those voices just absolutely oozes gravitas.

CBS News Eye on Austin Investigates.

We were there when the truth came out... City employees driving city vehicles home at night...

Sometimes... out of the city limits.

different man's voice: "of course we do, everybody does it."

Now. CBS Eye on Austin Investigator Nanci Wilson sits down with City Manager Marc Ott to get the details.

Nanci Wilson: "Is this really an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars?"

Tonight a six.

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