Monday, November 24, 2008

Are You Calling Me Fat?

I had Thai food with my boss for lunch today and all was going well until we were finished and waiting for the check. The waiter comes over to get our plates and says the following:

*to my boss
"Wow! Cleaned your plate, way to go!"
*Then turns to me
"And you! Like a champ! You're totally keeping up!"

Umm excuse me? Was I not supposed to finish my lunch? Do normal people leave food on their plate when they order this? Are you calling me fat?

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Anonymous said...

People say seemingly thoughtless and hurtful things. Whether or not the waiter meant anything more than the words spoken is only known to that person. But, before opening one's mouth, particularly in public, one should consider how the other person may perceive the possible meaning between the lines.
Furthermore, it's a compliment to the chef.