Thursday, March 13, 2008

Excitement Squared

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod…

It has just been announced that the CW (yes, that stupid network that cancelled Veronica Mars AFTER making all sorts of changes that also made the show less good – not bad, just less good) has greenlit a new 90210 series! Okay wait, it gets better. Guess who is writing the pilot? Rob Thomas!!!! (yes, this requires multiple exclamation points). Not Matchbox 20 Rob Thomas but the same Rob Thomas that created and wrote Veronica Mars! Now you understand all the exclamation points.

The details are all very hushhush but has posted their idea and quite frankly I would totally watch that.

Your lead girl, your Brenda Walsh if you will, should be conceived as none other than Hannah — the daughter of Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquez. Taking it a little further, if there’s one thing VERONICA MARS taught us, it’s that everybody loves a class struggle. Hannah, the product of working class parents on scholarship [Principal Zuckerman perhaps?] must struggle with the realities of her new school, her new boyfriend [obviously a Logan Echolls type] and more importantly a new zip code. Welcome to 90210 B*tch! The show practically writes itself.

I would especially watch that if they got someone new to play Andrea, because I wasn’t her hugest fan in the first place.

Who remembers coming home from school and watching the 90210 reruns that were on in the afternoons? Who remembers that the OJ trial preempted those reruns forEVER and how they hated OJ more for that than for killing his wife? Ahh, memories.

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Kristin said...

that is definitely exciting news! I have yet to watch Veronica Mars, but I LOVE 90210. Can't wait to see it!