Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everything except what I need? Really?

I am the first to admit that I am a teensy bit anal retentive about some things. One of those things is drawing graphs. I need my axes to be straight, perpendicular, and the increments must be of equal size on the x and y. If that doesn't happen I will just erase and continue to redraw the axes until those conditions are met. I know this about myself and so I choose to do math on graph paper because it is a lot easier to draw perpendicular, straight lines when there are perpendicular, straight lines printed on the page for you.

Why is buying graph paper so hard?

What I want:
- Ringed Notebook style, with perforated paper for easy tear-out. (there are MILLIONS of regular lined notebooks like this)
- 4 square per inch graph lines (the perfect size I have found)

That is not asking a lot, but after scouring three different aisles (on more than one occasion, in more than one store) and finding one tiny section of graph paper on each aisle this is what I have for choices:

- Ringed notebook style with perforated edges and 4sq/in on one side but 5 sq/in on the other side. (why would someone want two different sizes?)

- Pad of paper style with 4sq/in on one side and wide ruled lines on the other side. (who even uses wide ruled paper??? and what can you write on lines that you can't write on graph paper??)

- Ringed notebook style, no perforation, with 5sq/in on both sides and paper is 8x10.5in. (why are some notebooks slightly smaller than normal paper size? Who does that help?)

- Ringed notebook style, no perforation, with 10sq/in on both sides and paper is 8x10.5in. (seriously, 10?).

- Pad of paper style with 10sq/in on both sides. (we are just getting less and less helpful here).

- Ringed notebook style, with perforations, 4sq/in on both sides. Wait, ohmygod, this is it, they do have it!! Ummm, why isn't the paper white????? You have to be kidding me, tan? Why would I want a notebook filled with tan paper???

argh! If you are wondering I went with the tan paper even though it annoys me.

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