Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey Look, a Logan Post

Guess what show is pretty awesome? You think I'm going to say Veronica Mars don't you? Well, that is awesome but you're wrong. The correct answer is Moonlight, a show about a vampire with a heart of gold working as a private investigator. Guess why I downloaded it in the first place? Okay yeah you're probably going to get this one right, LOGAN!

Here's the thing, the show is cool people, Kailey and I watched way too many episodes in a row this weekend because we are loving it. Logan plays a slightly sarcastic, totally narcissitic womanizer (sound familiar?), the only difference here is that instead of an 18 year old high school student, he is 400 year old vampire. It just isn't the same though, this character, Josef, is missing two vital elements to Logan's success: 1. a deep down vulnerability and 2. more scenes with his shirt off.

Really you should be watching for the main character, Alex O'Loughlin playing Mick St. John because that is where the real awesomeness factor comes in

oh yeah and apparently Kailey and I aren't the only ones who find him kinda attractive.......


Renee said...

yep. 3m 16s and etta james convinced me to have a crush on a guy i really didn't think was attracitive 3m 16s ago

Victoria said...

he is soooo sexy Renee! You should watch a couple of episodes, that little smile will make you want to believe in vampires.