Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh Yeah, We Got a Cat

Did I forget to mention that?

His name is Mozzie and he is a monster. An adorable, hilarious, monster. I blame Kailey for the fact that we now have a cat, she blames me. To this day we do not know who brought it up first but now we have a cat. (It was totally Kailey).

Nothing phases this cat. Seriously. Like for a while we thought he was deaf because he wouldn't even react when the vacuum cleaner came on or if we dropped something on the floor inches from his head. I'm pretty sure he isn't deaf anymore because I also dropped something on him and he didn't seem to care and he also reacts when the dogs are barking at something.

Speaking of the dogs, oh man is he the perfect cat for the dogs. The best picture I have of the three of them is below, usually when they are that close together they are chasing each other, wrestling, or Zoe is humping Mozzie while Simon watches. Yes, I will work on getting a picture of that.

Anyway, here is our new baby!

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