Monday, July 19, 2010

Kailey, You've Doomed us Both

So Kailey works in a place that had not great air conditioning. This is a HUGE issue in the summer in Texas. To compensate she went and bough these "comfy pants" as we call them because they are loose and airy and easy to move in. Pretty soon I realized that she had accumulated five or six pairs and I was never seeing her wear anything EXCEPT the comfy pants. I, of course, made fun of her about this issue.

Yesterday I caved and bought a pair for myself (hey $10 at Target!) and I gotta tell you, I'm never wearing anything else ever again. I also went back today and got a second pair. I don't know if I can put on jeans again. Maybe when it gets cold and I have to go outside. MAYBE.

We also spent some time trying to decide if comfy pants could "maintain the dignity and solemnity of the courtroom" on Monday when Kailey has jury duty and has to uphold that ever-so-vague dress code. I think we decided no.

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Kailey said...

Hahahah! But in hindsight "comfy pants" would have been totally appropriate! Out of the 6 person jury 4 were in jeans, 1 in cargo capris, and I was totally over dressed in gray khakis! Oh Austin, I love you :)

p.s. one woman wasn't picked because her husband is an attorney, and she showed up in track shorts! Bet she knew she wasn't staying . . .