Thursday, April 1, 2010

Online Dating

Yeah, I'm doing that shit again.

I got an email from the site saying, "Happy Birthday!" but I can read between the lines, I know it really says, "You will now show up as one year older on our site. Good luck finding a man! Here's one we think would settle for you!"

Ken claims to be 26 with a graduate degree and works as a "milatiry truckdriver." He enjoys reading! For example he just finished a book and "just liked how the author used color to decible moods and emontions" and describes himself as "compassionate sponantous at times loud lol." We think you'll be great together!

I remain unconvinced about the graduate degree thing.


Kristin said...

Well, it does say "Ken CLAIMS to be 26 with a graduate degree". haha

Sparklebot said...

99% of people on online dating sites are liars.

I know this from my extensive online dating experience. EXTENSIVE. Years.