Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sleepy Post

Today was a big breath of fresh air day.

Today was also the start of the new semester, what is going to be a total crap semester. In calculus this evening I learned that it is possible to be completely all over the place AND have OCD at the same time. In other words my teacher is adorable. He can't read his own notes or remember how to check his voicemail but carries the eraser with him at all times because if he doesn't like the way something looks on the board he will erase and write it over again. One thing I do like is that when he erases the board he does so completely, no extraneous marks here and there but the way he does it is so ocd. Not big sweeping motions like most people but straight horizontal or vertical lines. He is super excited about calculus too, he was upset that he ran out of time and couldn't show us the proof of the Evaluation Theorem - we don't need to know the proof but he thought it was so cool he was sad he couldn't show us.

I entered a blog contest today in which you had to admit your biggest tv shame. I admitted to liking 1 vs. 100 so much that I tivoed it while I was housesitting last year. Then later I realized that while I was at home over christmas I watched like 7 hours of John & Kate Plus 8 . . . in a row . . . and an hour of the Duggars.

Why don't people buy boxes or envelopes appropriate to the size of what you are shipping? Why did I get a box from Office Depot that was 12"x12"x16" that had four AA batteries in it? Why did I get a 12"x10"x8" box with one book in it?

Yeah, I'm sleepy. Sleepy equals random, rambling blog posts. Wish me luck with tomorrow's fun filled day of Organic Chemistry and Cellular Biology!

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